MTSA Conference 2022 – Call For Presenters

MTSA Call for Presenters
The title of your session is the first impression for Conference Attendees. Use a concise, but an inclusive title which clearly conveys what you will be presenting and draws attendees' attention to your topic.
All presentations submitted for the conference will be reviewed by multiple people using a rubric. Be clear and specific on what your presentation will provide, focusing on the target audience and the outcome of your presentation.
Abstract: Your session abstract will tell Conference Attendees why they should attend your session. To be effective and create interest, it should provide a brief, clear, and concise reflection of your presentation’s content. The abstract should only be one paragraph of between 150 to 250 words in length.
Target Audience *
I understand that my presentation will be available on the MTSA app and website for members to download *
The following Audio/visual items will be provided: Projector (HDMI & VGA connection), Podium, Screen, Internet, Microphone

If you need specific connectors, speakers, or a clicker to advance slides, it is expected that you will bring them as the presenter.

Optional Material Upload
Maximum upload size: 12MB