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Parent Scholarship 

$100 Conference Registration Opportunity

Individuals with disabilities face many transitions throughout their lives: changing teachers, grades, schools, etc.. One of the most pivotal transitions is that of “school life” to “work/community life”. 

Every transition that a child will experience requires preparation, resources and information so that the transitions are more easily navigated. MTSA wants to enable Parents (of a child with a disability) to attend Michigan’s Premier conference about everything related to transition for children with disabilities: the MTSA Conference in 2021.* 

*Lodging and travel accommodations are the responsibility of scholarship recipients.

Conference Sponsorship

So All Can Attend

We see many challenges our members face. This initiative helps us ensure that our members are better prepared to manage the unique challenges they find themselves in. This is why we offer sponsorships to attend the annual MTSA conference. We offer two sponsorships per region ( total of 10), one educator and one non-educator.

Timeline change:  With no board meeting in December, decisions and notice of awards will be completed in January 2021


Making a Difference in All Our Regions

The Michigan Transition Services Association (MTSA) offers reimbursement funding to its members in order to support local projects with a focus on student/young adult activities. Initial funding must be sourced from the local district, building or agency. Funds cannot be reimbursed to the grant recipient. Application requests must be emailed/faxed/postmarked by October 15 of the current school year. Mini-grants will be reimbursed by MTSA for no more than the amount awarded. The funds can be used to support student transition services.

Education Scholarship

$1,000 Scholarship for Members

MTSA Scholarship was established in 2000. The association is interested in assisting persons pursuing an education and career in the area of Special Education, Rehabilitation, or related to helping persons with disabilities. We offer $5,000 – one $1,000 scholarship per region.

MTSA Recognition Award

Going Above and Beyond

In honor of C. David Anderson, our dear friend and colleague, Michigan Transition Services Association recognizes one of it’s members who exemplifies outstanding support and promotion of Transition services through leadership, advocacy, and/or innovation. May David’s legacy live on through us and with us, as we strive to impact all the youthful lives that we touch.

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